I thought I was going to get cold

My best neighbor invited me to go to a pigskin game with him last Sunday.

Temperatures outside were only 17°.

The forecast was calling for snow. It was easily the perfect conditions for a late season game with playoff implications. My neighbor scored the tickets, because his mom works with a single of the players’ moms. When Jack called to invite me to the game, I was truly surprised that he got such nice tickets. The seats were near the 50-yard line plus they were not too high up either. They must have been $300 or $400 seats. The view was way better than anything that I would have been able to pay for on our own. It was truly cold that morning. There was no heat at all anywhere in the venue. I brought a couple of packets that warm your hands plus feet. They kept a little bit of heat in our boots for the first half of the game, then during the minute half of the game, the heat was completely gone plus I was getting colder plus colder every time the whistle blew to end the play. The last quarter of the game was entirely the longest 15 minutes of our entire life. I thought I was going to get frostbite on our hands plus feet. As soon as Jack plus I got out to the car, I recommended that he turn on the heat. The two of us sat in the parking lot for at least 10 or 15 minutes waiting for the car to warm up. Thankfully Jack has a truly nice oil furnace in his new car, because I was close to hypothermia.

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