We ran out of propane in the middle of the night

I have a meter on the propane tank at home for the furnace.

I noticed a few months ago that the meter did not seem to be working.

I had all of the propane tanks for the furnace filled and the dial still said that the tanks were both half full. It’s hard to judge how much propane you will have if you don’t have a good way to gauge the amount. I decided to wait one month before I bought more propane for the furnace. Two days before I was scheduled to fill up the propane tanks for the furnace, we ran out of fuel in the middle of the night and did not have any heat at all in the house. My wife was very aggravated with me, because I wanted to wait to fill up the tanks. She has suggested that we do the propane fill up a week earlier and I was certain that we would have enough fuel to last. Not only was I wrong, but then I had to listen to my wife tell me how wrong I was for two days after the propane ran out in the furnace. When the heating company provider was out here, I asked them if they could replace the meter on the propane and it only took the guy about 10 minutes to put a new dial on there. It works well and reads the amount of propane for our furnace. We even get a light beeping sound when the reserves are less than two gallons of propane fuel.


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