What is the importance of SEER ratings in HVAC systems?

Working in the cooling industry for over three decades has earned me a lot of information about quality HVAC equipment.

Regarding replacing your air conditioning system, there are various factors to consider for maximum home comfort.

When customers come to me inquiring about the best system, I always explain the SEER ratings. Otherwise known as Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, it measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling efficiencies. The higher the rating, the more proficiently a system functions. When the customers hear the benefits of getting a highly rated dual fuel system of 16 or more, they are almost often sold. It helps reduce energy costs because of its proficient functioning. This saves homeowners and consumers money on energy costs. However, getting a cooling product with high ratings is not enough. You must ensure you schedule regular a/c care a year after the a/c installation. Another essential factor to consider while buying a system is the type of air conditioning filter you are using. There are disposable and washable filters. The a/c workman can show you how to replace the filters for maximum air purification. Lastly, I tell my customers to get a qualified a/c rep who can do the a/c install and the a/c repairs efficiently. Finding a qualified professional to work on these systems is vital because the systems are investments that cost a lot of money. Some professionals give booklets to help the customers navigate through how to interact with the system and the signs to watch out for to know if there are any issues. I recommend that my customers be observant of any changes in indoor comfort and call for help as soon as possible to avoid the bigger problem.

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