We won the quiz night on the subject of HVAC systems

I recently discovered that the bar near our office usually holds Tuesday quiz night. The winning team will usually get a round of drinks and prepare the following week’s questions. The first time I attended quiz night, I was part of my colleague’s team. I work at the local air conditioning company as an air conditioning professional. I was not shocked to discover that most of my colleagues attended the quiz night. In my first appearance, the questions were about HVAC systems, and just because we were skilled air conditioning technicians, it didn’t automatically mean we’d know every question. The questions came with a twist. While some had clues and multiple choices, the rest did not. I remember one of the questions: how often are AC filters replaced in a commercial air conditioning system in a crowded open-air market? I thought the filters would get dirty and blocked fast since the electric heat pump would be outside exposed to the elements. Therefore, the answer would have at least every three weeks. The best filters are the HEPA filter which traps even the smallest dust particles. The correct answer was not to have a system with ductwork because fans would be most effective in an open place. Another interesting question was, which came first, a Wi-Fi or a digital thermostat? The cooling expert team got that question correctly. The questions also touched on quality AC service and what tasks a non-specialist can do. We tied with another group and had to go for a hellfire question to break the tie. The question was about the A/C setup and whether it affects the air quality within a space. We were to shout out the answer, and whoever got it right would automatically win. We won and enjoyed our free drinks.

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