The pool actually cooled me down after the AC equipment work

Working in the warm season genuinely should be illegal… However, some professions, such as air conditioner equipment professionals, offer essential services and cannot completely close for the warm season break.

Since I did not plan much this summer, I made the decision to easily work through it.

Oh boy, did I make a huge mistake! It has absolutely been the hottest Summer I have lived in, but then again, I say that about all summers… Just in any extreme season, there are accidents when you’re in the summer. I certainly had a laughable experience last week. We ended up getting a call from the air conditioner business from a shopper in the suburbs! The shopper complained about his electric heat pump exhibiting all sorts of complications. It would actually get going and stop without anyone touching the digital temperature control. The shopper was also bothered by the lowered indoor comfort… My team of cooling experts geared up and headed to the residence. We had just fixed a commercial a/c equipment at a university downtown. It was a relatively warm day. I had been perspiring since I left my house that day. We ended up getting to the suburbs at midday and started the steps in quality A/C service. We checked the air duct, which looked alright without any leaks. We replaced the A/C filters with HEPA filters to maximize airflow and improve air quality. The A/C setup actually happened multiple years ago, and the Heating and A/C equipment definitely was in fantastic condition. As I was moving our gear and the worn-out filters, I tripped over a pool seat and fell immediately into the pool with complete equipment. I sure am glad that I am a fantastic swimmer, and our colleagues, the air conditioner workers, know this, so none of them got scared. I liked it because it cooled me down after all that work on the HVAC equipment.
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