The high end air filters were way more expensive

I never liked my condo to stink of cats, so when I noticed an issue I decided to do something about the issue immediately.

I was gone for a week going to see some friends as well as I came back to the condo after being gone the whole week.

The foul stink in the condo was disappointing to me. All of the cats have been with my mom as well as Mom. I researched the problem on Google, because I wanted to find a solution. Most of the websites requested getting rid of the animals, however I wasn’t going to say goodbye to my furry friends. Another website requested buying a nice new air cleaner or better air filters for the HVAC unit. Buying better air filters was one way I could help clean the indoor air separate from spending a fortune. An air cleaner would have been thousands of bucks, however I can buy a better indoor air filter for $20 every month. I was previously using a thin as well as cheap air filter that cost 399 at the store. The new air filter is much better as well as the materials are stronger. The air filter collects more dust as well as pet dander. It also has a thin charcoal lining that helps eliminate all of the strong stinks inside the air. These air filters are rather expensive, however they work well. I’ve been using them every month since I came back from my last 3-day getaway as well as I have not noticed the same amount of concerns that I did in the past. The air is so much cleaner as well as fresher. That is a winning combination to me.


furnace/heater tune-up