I needed to find some new crew members

When the Summer months begin, there are a lot of A/C concerns that occur… For an A/C repair shop supplier owner, the Summer months are the busiest time of the year. I worked for a national company for ten years, then I decided to start an A/C repair supplier of my own. It took a year to save enough capital, so I had to stop eating out as well as going on expensive outings with my friends. When I started up the business, I was the only employee. I worked more than six days in a row, from the time I woke up until the last work was finished. For multiple months I was the sole employee as well as after that I hired a hour man to help. After 5 years, I’ve tripled my supplier chain as well as I have multiple different employees. Work has been busier than I could have ever dreamed as well as the Summer months are really the hardest time of the year… During the early part of June, I lost more than one employees. I told all of the guys that they would be required to work a lot of weekends while in the Summer months. One guy flat-out quit as soon as I made the suggestion. The other guy didn’t show up for work on Saturday as well as Sunday. I had to fire him as an example to the others. work is still legitimately busy so the two of us are overwhelmed with HVAC repairs. I’ve been looking for a few more employees to hire, however it looks prefer I might have to put an advertisement online if I want to get a quality candidate that is certified in heating as well as A/C repairs.

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