Only Five people showed up to the fundraiser

The church hosted a fundraiser on the first day of the month, because the two of us were trying to raise money to upgrade the HVAC units in the care center.

The care center is a separate building from the church, however it still rests on the church property. The care center is a nonprofit organization, connected to the church. Both of my children go to the care center as well as I pay legitimately tiny fees for the attractive education they receive. The teachers have degrees in child education, so they teach the children a regular education that includes geography, science, math, history, as well as English. I needed help on the first of the month, as well as I put a sign on the bulletin boards outside of the church. The sign was up for a month as well as I only got 5 people to sign up to help. I hoped more people would show up on that afternoon, however the same few people were there bright as well as early, and one of the ladies was just as frustrated about such a low turnout, so he called his fiance; He owns an HVAC repair company‚Ķ She told him about our fundraiser as well as he offered to send a few people to help as well as he also offered to match all of our raised funds dollar-for-dollar. Every one of us didn’t expect one man to offer so much help, however the two of us didn’t say no to the generous offering. Every one of us raised more than enough money to replace the HVAC unit as well as my fiance as well as his employees are going to handle all of the upgrade work at cost. The care will be updated in a couple of weeks.


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