I had to request for AC service in the rental cottage

It’s been an insane year for all of us after getting back to work. I must confess that working from beach new home has been so relaxing. It was easier to take breaks plus lie on my couch any time I wanted. But, that mini trip was over plus it was time to get back to the real world, and for 1 year now, we all went back to the office plus the old way of life. It’s not easy putting on all those hours without the comfort of home. But, I also liked being back at the office. Since we’d been working hard, a bunch of us chose to book a cottage to spend the long weekend there relaxing. Since it was summer, we wanted a cottage with great a/c plus near some water bodies. I did the research plus found one rental cottage with an amazing location. They indicated they have AC available plus this prompted me to book this space. We all took off driving multiple cars to this amazing location. Thankfully, both cars had great a/c to keep us comfortable plus cheerful, upon arriving at the cottage, I went to check the AC plus to my shock it wasn’t working. Another associate tried to check the circuit breaker but it seemed the issue was with the AC, and no one had bothered to check if the AC was working before we arrived. I had to reach out to the rental agency plus inform them about the faulty AC. The rental agent was apologetic plus said he was sending an AC service person instantaneously to inspect the faulty unit.

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