Both of us had to ask if there was a problem with the gas furnace

My partner plus I have been working non stop to make our corporation work. Ever since the pandemic, we have been thinking about our future. With so several layoffs, we felt uncertain about only relying on jobs for our income. I’ve regularly wanted to start a corporation ever since I was in college, however I chose to work after graduation. When my partner plus I met, we bonded over starting a corporation plus this has been a shared dream. Both of us started working on the corporation when the pandemic hit plus it’s been crazy. I was laid off from work so I dedicated all my efforts to it. My partner helps when he’s not at work since we need his income to spend my savings the bills. After going so hard, we had to take a cut plus go away for a few days. Both of us chose to rent a small beach house in a national forest for the duration. Since it was almost winter, we knew we had to check if the beach house had a gas furnace. The rental agent my partner plus I spoke with assured us that there was a functioning gas furnace in the cabin. The first 2 days were amazing plus we got to sleep in the warm beach house thanks to the gas furnace. But, on day 3, I woke up shivering because it seemed the gas furnace had failed. Both of us had to ask the rental agent if there was a problem with the gas furnace. She wasn’t sure however promised to have an Heating plus A/C worker come by to check the faulty gas furnace.

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