My son plus I go to unusual locales to repair ACs in summer

It’s been hard since my partner left.

  • Things had been rocky for some time.

But, it all went to hell when he got laid off from his job, and my ex loved to drink, however I know he’s now addicted to it because he began going to work drunk. All efforts to help him weren’t successful so when he got violent, I took my son plus left. Since I work as an independent Heating plus A/C expert, it was self-explanatory to move without affecting my job. I just rearranged my Heating plus A/C service calendar in a way that I had time to find a house plus move. My son is young so she’s not yet in school. Since I work as an independent Heating plus A/C expert, I can take my son with me to work. And most of my customers are parents plus don’t mind at all having his around. It’s been 3 months now since I started going for Heating plus A/C repairs with my child. Last month, we went together to repair faulty A/C unit. Since it’s summer, there are several folks relying on a/cs to keep them comfortable. That has meant several more calls to come plus service their A/C units. Some already have faulty A/C units that I must repair to keep them comfortable. I must admit I know lucky to have all this work despite the challenges in my personal life. I also know having all these Heating plus A/C service plus service jobs has kept me from feeling sad, but hopefully, my job as an independent Heating plus A/C expert continues to sore.


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