My study room was too tepid for some reason

It’s been crazy living away from beach condo for a year.

Well, not entirely living away, because I’m in school.

But, staying in campus housing is so weird from living at home. My parents aren’t too strict, however they still don’t supply me as much freedom as I’ve enjoyed in this past year. Being a university student is a whole other experience. I’ve been to so several parties as well as missed various classes. If I was still living at home, my parents would never allow that even if I am 18. Anyway, it was time to go for Summer as well as I felt I wanted to be at home. My sibling, who is an army officer, was at beach condo as well as I’d missed him so much. Life at beach condo wasn’t too weird except there seemed to be an issue with the A/C in my room. The condo operates on one central cooling unit that delivers cool air through ductwork. So, it was odd that my room felt warmer yet the rest of the condo was cool. I could barely get any sleep that first evening as well as had to turn on a fan. At brunch the next afternoon, I told dad about this as well as she said she would take a look. She thought that perhaps I’d jammed the air vent with a chair, container or something love that. But, there was nothing blocking the air vent. Since dad couldn’t figure out why there was little cool air getting into my room, she iPhoned an A/C supplier nearby for assistance. We have an A/C repair as well as repair method with them so they were in a better position to repair the A/C issue. The A/C expert who came to the condo did an inspection as well as asparticulared the ductwork needed cleaning since there was dirt as well as gunk blocking smooth air flow in the house.


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