Uncle Jake always fixes our cooling and heating system

My uncle lives twenty minutes from our house.

Ever since I was young, he’s been a great part of my life.

I’ve never met my dad, but having Uncle Jake around makes me feel like I’m not missing out on much. Other kids do have their mom and dad at home, but it’s been my mom and I ever since I could remember. But, we never felt alone since her brother, my Uncle Jake, has always been there. He is a local HVAC professional who works for an HVAC company in the city. His job entails installing, maintaining and repairing heating and cooling systems. This is something he has been doing for 10 years and loves it. Uncle Jake is the one who got mom her secretary job at the HVAC company 5 years ago. She had been working for a factory that closed down and needed a job. Uncle Jake put in a good word for mom with his boss and she got the position after doing an interview. Mom always says he has been looking out for her since they were young. Uncle Jake would never let anyone mess with mom and I also feel the same love and protection from him. Another pack of Uncle Jake around is he fixes our cooling and heating system free of charge. Well, mom pays him, but not with money. She is so skilled when it comes to making cakes, and always has a red velvet cake ready for him when he comes to the house. Pastry for HVAC work seems like a pretty cool agreement between the brother and sister.


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