I never knew boats could be so comfortable

All my life I have lived in an area where there weren’t too many opportunities for young people.

Farming is great, but it’s not for everyone.

My parents love it and so did my grandparents. Two of my siblings also seem to enjoy all the work that comes with owning a farm. But, not me. It was always a hustle for my parents to get me to do farm chores. My time was better spent doing other things and also dreaming about living in the city. After high school, I moved to a big town to attend HVAC school and have never looked back. I do go back to the farm to visit, but my life is all about HVAC systems and traveling. Well, let me explain. While in HVAC school, I got to tour a few places with my new school friends. This led to a deeper desire to work in different places around the world. This meant I would work on a cruise ship or a yacht. Eventually, I got my HVAC certification and went on a tour of Europe for a year. In one location, there was a vacancy for an HVAC expert on a super yacht. I have never seen such a comfortable boat in my life and boy has life been amazing. We have a great captain who ensures all the guests and crew are having good experiences. Since we have charters on this yacht, our days aren’t Monday to Friday. Instead, we get time off after each charter and about 1 day off after some time. Still, being an HVAC expert on a super yacht is an experience like I have never imagined. And I’m so glad to be working on the heating and cooling on this vessel rather than being back at the farm milking cows.

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