I was so pleased with the HVAC representative’s answers

I’d been planning to relocate up north for several years, but there was never time to plan.

Being a fulltime employee left me with little time to do side hustles.

But, I always had the desire to freelance and live in a cabin somewhere doing all that I love. I’ve been hiking since I was in high school and desired to do it more as an adult. However, I’d barely been anywhere since I got employed. So, it came as no surprise to anyone that when I lost my job during the pandemic, I relocated immediately. There was a lovely community where I found a cabin for rent that had all I needed including a heating and cooling unit. Since I was yet to get work or something to do, I chose to lease this cabin for a year while I figured things out. As part of the lease agreement, I was in charge of any heating and cooling maintenance and repairs to be done in the cabin. This was a new area so the best thing to do was go online and research the best HVAC businesses in the area. My hope was to find one offering affordable services and would come to my area. There was one company that specialized on HVAC installation, repair and servicing in remote areas. I called them and spoke to the nicest HVAC customer representative. She listened patiently to all my concerns and was so reassuring about the work that I wanted done in the cabin. After I booked a time for the HVAC technician to come by, I hung up the phone and felt wonderful.

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