Jimmy finally got his heating and cooling certification

Jimmy had been working at a fast food restaurant for 5 years when he quit. As much as he didn’t mind the job, he felt there was more to life than serving fried chicken. Plus, it was hard being paid the same as teens who just started working. So, Jimmy felt it was time to take charge of his life and figure out what he wanted to do. His mom has always been supportive and he allowed Jimmy to move back in as he figured things out. Eventually, Jimmy decided he wanted to go to Heating and Air Conditioning repair school and train to become a heating and air conditioning professional. When he got his certification, Jimmy would start working as a heating and air conditioning professional and hopefully find work in one of the local HVAC companies. School wasn’t that bad, but Jimmy was attending classes with younger people. He got along well with them and they all got to enjoy going for small training jobs for fixing heating and cooling units. After a year, Jimmy sat for his final exams and aced them. He finally got his heating and cooling certification and was happy to start a new chapter of his life. Since Jimmy has met lots of people when working at the fast food restaurant, he called some asking if they knew any open positions in the local HVAC businesses. One lady worked for an area HVAC business and infomed Jimmy of an open job position. Jimmy applied for it, got the position and is on his way to start a career as a heating and cooling repair person.

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