My spouse and I used to live in the town in an apartment! We had our respective jobs, but we had to take the bus to get to our supplier locations. I was just happy we had a grocery store across the street from our home building and there were a lot of nice eateries around too. That’s something I can say I loved about living in the city, all the varieties of cultural foods that taste so amazing. We had superb climate control in our home as well, but I didn’t like the terrible air quality in the town really much. I was so blissful when I got a promotion at my job and they wanted to transfer me to a new location that wasn’t in such a busy city. I would be living more out in the country where there was better air quality and in a lake house instead of an apartment, and when I told our spouse, he was blissful and agreed to come along with me for the move, then he ended up getting a new job, but it wasn’t hard for his to bounce back to bringing in the huge money. We loved our house that we were renting in addition to we ended up buying the place from the landlord. When the lake house was finally ours, we upgraded the heating and A/C system. The outdated one was okay, but we wanted heating and A/C that was far more energy efficient. Both of us still talk about how blissful we are not having to live in the town anymore, even though we do miss some of the eateries. Still, we had a few children at our home in the country and we wouldn’t have been able to start a family living in a cramped home in the city.

We upgraded the HVAC system

Heating technology