You know, it’s funny how time flies by so fast and your children seem to grow up before you know it. It seems just like the other day when our youngsters had separation issues, they would always be frustrated when their dad would go to work, but they never seemed quite as disappointed when I would leave of course. Still, everybody was usually glad to see me when I got back home, especially if I brought new home food or presents. I remember the time when my children were so cheerful to see me come home with a bunch of window A/C units. I basically got them for a steal at a garage sale. The lady said her spouse bought them for some $150 a piece, as well as she sold them to me for only $10 a piece. She said it was because her spouse was a sleazeball as well as she cheated on her, so she wanted to get rid of all her stuff for next to nothing! Anyway, I helped all the youngsters get a window A/C component in their rooms so they could be more comfortable, especially while they were doing their school work. I just told them to make sure to turn on the sleep timers so the A/C units would turn off and not run all through the night. They got a hang of using them, and they were genuinely glad to be able to adjust the temperature control settings in their rooms. Then they all grew up as well as moved out. I was glad to see that they took their window A/C units with them, but I was anxious to see everybody move out. These afternoons, I’m just glad when they supply us with a call at a new home or visit.

I bought a ton of different window air conditioning units


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