HVAC professional suggested a guy for great driveway work

Being new to the area, both of us had to learn a lot about the local business and locales where we could get help with the renovation work we needed done and other home services.

The first year we lived here, we particularly got help from our neighbor with the intense snowfall in the winter season.

Now of course, my friend explained that we don’t usually get that much snow around here, it’s just something that happens every few decades or so. It was insane it all happened when both of us showed up, but we were used to a lot of snow. Still, we didn’t particularly have a snowblower because we thought we could get by with just using snow shovels, but we easily were wrong about that. Also the neighbor told us about some fantastic local businesses who could help us with our heating and cooling needs! We were able to get a brand new dual-fuel heating program installed. The program is basically an electric heat pump that works with a gas furnace, plus so far both of us have been enjoying this system. We also needed help to figure out how to maintain our driveway. We have a gravel driveway so both of us needed to have it leveled and we needed more gravel for it. I was surprised when it was the heating and cooling professional who told us about the best business for driveway work, when we had more gravel delivered, the guys leveled the driveway for free and spread the gravel for a low fee. I tipped all the workers after they were done because they did such fantastic work.

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