The basement now is fantastic

Something that has always been sacred to me is being able to have a venue to just get away from the world, an area that is your own. That’s why I worked hard to build a mancave in my home, and my spouse permitted me to have half of the basement which is separated anyway. The first issue I had was to make sure there was perfect comfort in the different parts of the basement, since it was divided into two areas, I decided to have a ductless mini split installed with two zones, and I legitimately didn’t realize how comfortable it was going to be, everybody loves hanging out in the basement now because it’s so fantastic! Sporadically when we have parties at the house, naturally most of the ladies hang out on the one side while all my kids hang out in the man-cave where we have playstation games, a gaming computer, a pool table, and a dartboard! I also have a little bar that I consistently keep stocked with a frigid too to keep the drinks nice and cool. There’s also an ice maker on the fridge and you know that comes in handy! Also, the ductless mini split has a smart heating and A/C, so we’re able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely with our phones! I can’t tell you how awesome the person cave is and I legitimately don’t know I could have it any other way. On my spouse’s side of the basement, she has the laundry room and a peaceful area where she loves to make blankets and she also designs clothes which are entirely cool. She wants to develop her own clothing brand in the future.

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