Convincing my grandfather to get LED bulbs

Recently, I was telling my grandpa about all kinds of good energy saving tips, when I was talking about the energy efficient light bulbs, he said he already was using the compact fluorescents.

I told him it was true they were energy efficient, they were also very dangerous.

I asked him if he ever had any of those CFL bulbs break, and he said a lot of them broke at one point or another, that’s the concern with those, they split easily since they are so fragile. They’re really way more fragile than incandescent bulbs, which is crazy. The biggest issue is that they have poisonous vapors inside that you do not want to breathe in! My grandpa said he never realized that and I just said he would have to update them slowly with LED light bulbs which are perfectly safe and last a long time. When we got around to talking about upgrading his old dial temperature control, he said there was nothing wrong with it. I explained it was all about saving energy and he needed a better temperature control to do that, but he finally relented and I helped him find a good temperature control. He liked the one that was similar to his dial temperature control, it worked in a similar fashion but the screen glowed the temperature on a nice digital display. He also enjoyed the fact that he was able to adjust the temperature control settings remotely with his phone. He said he didn’t realize he would be able to do all that and he was of course happy when his energy bills dropped a good amount.

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