Three Ice Packs on myself and others At All Times

I have the aches and pains of a pro sports player but I’m not getting paid, what’s up with that? It’s because I care about the sport of volleyball and can’t seem to stop playing even after 30 years in the sport.

I assume over the past many months I’ve averaged more than four times a month playing, which is way too much for a 55 year ancient body although I just can’t seem to stop playing.

So now I am icing our knee and both shoulders as I write because I will entirely end up playing again this night. My central oil furnace was just serviced an minute ago because Summer is ending soon and I’ll need to fire up the heat soon. It is still June but the weather can shift on a dime and you can go from a/c to heating in a matter of a few weeks. I like the cooler weather because it makes myself and others assume more alive, much more so than the boiling heat the two of us have here in the summers. I’ve been running our central A/C a lot this Summer and our highest power bill so far for a month has been $135, which isn’t bad considering I keep the flat absolutely freezing all day and night. I am getting a flatmate soon though and will entirely have to keep it a bit warmer in the place because most people don’t like it as freezing as I do. I’m a polar bear. I’ll get the whole Heating and A/C unit cleaned again in a few months just to make sure it is fine for winter.

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