$1 tacos actually screwed up our stomach

My co-workers plus I went to a current taco eating establishment for breakfast on Tuesday.

The taco eating establishment had a sale that day plus all of the strenuous plus soft tacos were only $1 each.

All of us had our option between chicken, steak, plus pork. I got 4 tacos. I got many steak plus many chicken. Pork tacos are not exactly our favorite, but our friends tried them plus said they were delicious. I was the only person that tried that chicken. There was an odd taste that lingered in our mouth after I ate the chicken. It wasn’t pleasant at all. I should have known that the unpleasant taste was due to undercooked chicken. I did not realize there was a concern with our breakfast until it was coming out of the other end. None of our co-workers were sick, so I knew it had to have been the different tasting chicken. I contacted the eating establishment when I was doubled over in pain plus could not move. I told the owner that I had food poisoning from the breakfast I ate in the eating establishment. I was unable to finish our toil that day. I had to find someone else to repair the window A/C that was on our schedule for the morning. I felt honestly bad plus I went lake house shortly after the pains in our stomach began. One of the guys who had steak plus pork tested the window A/C repair so I could go lake house early that day. I truly can’t remember a time when I felt more sick than I did on that day.

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