It is Saturday and All is Quiet in my Town

I’ve noticed our town is getting a bit quieter with a lot of tourists starting to leave and go back to their lives.

September is the transition month when everyone goes back to school and the beaches will get very quiet again.

The sea will start to cool down again and I will resume my cold water dips each day to energize me and help with my joint healing. My shoulder pain really heals up fast once I start the daily cold sea dips so I am gladly ready for cooler weather. I’ll be running the heat in my flat when October hits and going back to my hot baths after my cold swims each morning. I have an extra radiant heater for my flat when it gets really cold because I don’t like to heat the whole house up when it is only me here during the day. My girlfriend teaches at a school and is gone all day till later in the afternoon so I just heat up my office when I am here working online. I also work for the local contractor doing HVAC equipment service calls for customers in their flats. I think I do that about 15 hours a week and the rest of the time I am at the beach practicing or playing volleyball. I also teach yoga at a local business a few times a week but that is only for about two hours a week total. It’s an easy job and I like to teach people the art of yoga to help them get healthier.

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