Got Some Good Relaxing Music Playing in the Living Room

I like that name for a room; living room, as if you don’t live in any of the other rooms in the house.

We should then call the kitchen the eating room and the bedroom the sleeping room.

The hallway could be called the halling room? That doesn’t make a lot of sense does it? I may be getting hungry and starting to lose my thinking mind. I haven’t eaten anything since early this morning and it is already 5pm. I will clean my HEPA filter quickly and then I am going to get motivated and make a big salad for the next few days. I have been slacking for a few days with my salad making routine and need to get back on those daily salads that give me so much energy. Next week I am going to hire an HVAC pro to come out and clean the HVAC system, along with all of the ductwork, and get it prepared for the coming winter. Winters here can be pretty long and cold and I want to be nice and warm in my flat when it hits. I am getting a roommate and just need to pick the right one so we get along while locked down in the house for the winter. My friend who works at the heating and cooling business down the road may want to move in for a couple months, which would be great because then I can go to the states to visit my family and someone can watch my two cats. Life always seems to work out somehow.
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