Off to the Local Market to Get Some Pink Lady apples

Okay, I got the Pink Ladies plus now I am going to make a salad plus take it to the beach to eat.

I savor to eat on the beach plus watch the sea as I recognize it is better for our digestion.

I’m going to bring our beach chair plus sit in front of this local company that plays songs plus just relax today. I need to rest our shoulders as they are both pretty sore from playing too much ball. This month will be a tied up afternoon with games but I am planning to just sit plus watch the action. My Heating and A/C tech associate may come out too plus the two of us will just chill next to a court plus watch our other friends play. I think I need to take off about numerous weeks to heal these shoulders. Winter will be coming soon plus along with our central heat running I will be taking runs on the beach because the volleyball season is going to end soon plus not start again till next Spring. I savor it being slow in the winters with volleyball because it gives myself and others a option to rest up plus heal our injuries from the previous summer. I will do our ice swims plus then come beach apartment to a sizzling bath plus sit beside our radiant space gas furnace while I labor on our laptop. This Winter they say is going to be one of the coldest ever so I need to make sure our Heating and A/C method is all tuned up plus ready for it. It’s good to be prepared.

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