Sleeping with the Cats on a Summer Day

I just fell asleep on the bed in our guest home office with our cats. I think our body is tired from all of the activities over the past few weeks plus it is all catching up with me. This month is legitimately going to be a low key afternoon of maybe going to one local company to grab some apples plus bananas. I need to labor online with this Heating and A/C supplier for a couple minutes max plus then the rest of the afternoon is going to be for relaxing. I slept pretty well last evening however still recognize legitimately tired so I am going to give myself the gift of a afternoon off exercising except for a short 15 minute yoga routine. It’s nice plus cool in our flat with our temperature control method keeping us safe from the severe heat out there. I’ll go to that grocery store once it cools down a bit, however for now I will do some cleaning in the dining room plus then get to labor online for a bit. I have to disinfect our HEPA filter but I think I will save that for this weekend when I have more free time. I need to listen to our body plus rest or I could end up sick with a frosty from our immune method being weak. The air filter can wait along with everything plus all the people else in the world. I’ll just heat up a ready-made meal for supper plus call it a afternoon early tonight so that I can get to our book before bedtime.


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