Off to the Local Market to Get Some Pink Lady plums

Okay, I got the Pink Ladies as well as now I am going to make a salad as well as take it to the beach to eat.

I love to eat on the beach as well as watch the sea as I believe it is better for my digestion.

I’m going to bring my beach chair as well as sit in front of this local company that plays music as well as just relax today. I need to rest my shoulders as they are both pretty sore from playing too much ball. This week will be a tied up afternoon with games but I am planning to just sit as well as watch the action. My Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C tech acquaintance may come out too as well as all of us will just chill next to a court as well as watch my other friends play. I think I need to take off about more than one weeks to heal these shoulders. Winter will be coming soon as well as along with my central heat running I will be taking runs on the beach because the volleyball season is going to end soon as well as not beginning again till next Spring. I love it being slow in the winters with volleyball because it gives me a opportunity to rest up as well as heal my injuries from the previous summer. I will do my ice swims as well as then come lake beach house to a tepid bath as well as sit beside my radiant space furnace while I labor on my ipad. This Winter they say is going to be a single of the coldest ever so I need to make sure my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C plan is all tuned up as well as ready for it. It’s wonderful to be prepared.

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