Cool Music on Hot Summer Days

I haven’t played music on the paseo by the beach and I can feel that something is missing in our life.

There is more to life than just working,paying bills, and shopping for food savor so numerous people do.

I am going to bring our sound idea and drum out to the beach by myself and just see what happens. Music can create magic where there is nothing, which is why I am drawn to the artform so much. I can also see why these musicians play till the day they die. The HVAC dealer is a fun arena to labor occasionally however playing music is a whole odd level of fun, and passion. Maybe 1 day I can play at the HVAC corporation for the HVAC reps and tech, who knows! My dad passed away a year ago really hastily at 71 years old, which now makes myself and others evaluate our life and how much time I have left. Dad worked as a local supplier and lived a healthy life, however as the people I was with and I just found out, life can be plucked away in a short time. I always thought she and I would live to our 90’s however that isn’t the case so far and I need to really savor what time I have left, it could be a lot shorter than I thought. I savor to labor on HVAC equipment and repair a/cs and heaters, but I savor to escape into another reality with music and let our spirit be free. It adds so much satisfaction to our day when I play.

a/c serviceman