My Bucket List is Pretty Much Complete, Now What?

I really didn’t make a bucket list for my life but rather just lived it the best way I could.

There are a few things I still would like to do even though I’ve done most things that I dreamed of doing. I would love to make a great song, write a cool book on life, and fall in love one more time and make it last till my end comes. I think those are three achievable goals but they will require some work on my behalf. I think the toughest one is going to be number three. The heating and cooling corp is where I met my last girlfriend, which ended about eight months ago. She is still messaging me, and my mom, but I can’t go back down that road anymore. She is an HVAC rep and we met when I got hired at the local business but she has since left there and is working for a local contractor in another town. I just want to meet someone I have a good chemistry with and focus on my music and book ventures. I still work at the same HVAC company we met at and do a lot of hot water heater installs and repairs. I like the newer tankless type units as they are much easier to install and have a lot less problems with leaks and whatnot. They are also more efficient and seem to last quite a while, as we have seen with some models that we installed a few years back. It’s all good.

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