Summer is Slipping Away as we Near September

The days are getting shorter bit by bit as we pass through August into September. On the first day of September you can notice a lot less people in my town as the tourists leave for another year. I get more sentimental about things as time passes and I grow older. I gave up my dream of comedy a few years ago because I just felt it had already peaked and that was the best it was going to be. I didn’t want to keep chasing a lost dream so I left it and started playing music. The air conditioning business hired me last year and it has been great working for them and meeting all the customers who come in the door. I do a lot of smart thermostat sales and help teach people how to program them. This weekend I am going to take my sound system out on the paseo and play my drum and sing some original songs. I have to work for the AC contractor during the day on weekdays and have my nights free to play music or volleyball. I love playing both but don’t have the energy to do them both the same day. I also need to take time off playing and rest so that I am okay to work on HVAC equipment at the local business. The boss sometimes comes out and watches me play music and also joins me in a game of volleyball once in a while as he used to play pro back in the day. Life is great!

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