After the accident, our leg was swollen plus painful

Last year I had a bad accident when I was in the car.

I was on our way lake house from seeing a film.

It was truly dark plus rain was falling. The weather wasn’t angry, but the roads were truly wet. I only had a 5-mile drive from the Regal Cinema to our apartment. I wasn’t actually paying attention to the highway or the traffic, then perhaps the accident never would have occurred if I had been paying closer attention to the road. I decided to go through a red light plus so did someone on the other side of the road. Both of us crashed right into each other. The accident sent myself and others flying from our car. I was not wearing a seatbelt at the time. I landed in a ditch on the side of the road. I laid there for an hour or many before anyone stopped to see if I needed help. My head ached plus hurt badly. My arm plus our leg felt like they were many times as big as normal. They were swollen from the accident. The emergency medical crew took myself and others to the hospital where I had surgery on our leg. They put many pins in the bone to hold the leg together. I had to spend many weeks at lake house reclaiming after the accident. I could not move around truly well at all, so I was truly thankful for the smart control unit in our home. The pills from the hospital made myself and others feel truly boiling plus warm. I used the smart control unit app to adjust indoor temperatures on the air conditioner. I didn’t have to keep getting up plus down from that couch every time I wanted to adjust the temperature. The smart control unit made things much easier.

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