I found someone to help with the A/C repair

The A/C unit in the family room was making a different sound, so I told our partner that I would look at the machine on the weekend, however thursday morning I woke up bright plus early; I ran many miles outside plus then I mowed the front shrubbery; When I finished with the yard chores, I came back into the home to have some Coke plus lunch, then my partner made myself and others many post eggs plus a piece of toast.

I also had a glass of grapefruit juice with our coffee.

As soon as I finished lunch, I headed into the family room to look at the air conditioner. I turned off the power to the machine plus I detachd the front cover. I cleaned all of the coils inside of the machine. I cleaned the air filter plus got rid of all of the dust plus dirt. I even used a special tool called a fin comb to straighten all of the coils out. I did everything I could to repair the concern with the machine plus I was hopeful that repair would work, and unfortunately, the air conditioner was still making the same different sound after I finished servicing the air conditioner. That point, I told our partner that the two of us might need to call a professional or simply buy a current machine. I truly didn’t know if it would cost an arm plus a leg to have someone repair the window air conditioner. I didn’t want to spend a heap of money to repair a machine that was only $200 in the first venue.


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