My boss chose to put me in charge of scheduling Heating and A/C service for the building

I was truthfully surprised when my boss asked me to be in charge of the Heating and A/C service in the office building.

He provided me a company debit card to spend my money for all the expenses.

I was honestly proud when I l received how to save us currency on the Heating and A/C service though. I ended up looking into Heating and A/C service plans and decided to enroll the company into one. This entirely cut the cost of our Heating and A/C service services significantly and with all the extra currency, the two of us were able to use it to improve the air quality in the building. I decided to have a UV whole-house air purifier installed which everybody appreciates. I was talking to the boss about it telling him how if the workers are more comfortable, their toil production will be far better. He said it didn’t matter, so long as I kept within the company budget. So basically because I was able to save so much currency, I could use those savings for whatever I deemed appropriate for indoor comfort in the building. I have been thinking that down the road, the two of us might even be able to invest in radiant radiant floors for the lavatorys and split rooms. I bet everybody would appreciate that kind of comfort, especially while I was in company parties. I mentioned this to the boss and he said it sounded appreciate a pretty nice proposal if I could manage to save enough currency over the years to cover the cost for something appreciate that. Honestly to me, it seems honestly feasible and I look forward to the moment when I can request such Heating and A/C substitutes in the building.

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