Playing ball with my buddies was a major thing back in the morning

Back when I was a youngster, I used to regularly go out and play hoops with my buddies, then periodically the two of us would have an uneven number of players however would try to balance things out. Of course, one of my buddies would regularly complain about domination when the teams were unfair. Obviously, some of us were more skilled than others; I wasn’t exactly the best player myself, but I did become pretty nice at my long range shots which made me a nice option in the games. The biggest issue for me though was keeping comfortable while on the overheated nights. I regularly would tell everybody that I needed to go back to my house to get breaks, however everybody laughed at me when I first did this, but I would bring chilly drinks back for everybody, usually it was just bottled water that I would bring back in an ice chest, however everybody loved that I looked out for them and provided a way for them to cool down on incredibly overheated nights. The cooling relief of an ice-chilly drink is incredible! Everybody loved me being sort of the ‘water boy’, but I was ecstatic to help everybody out and get some cooling relaxation at the same time. The back at home was regularly fantastic. I even had friends come over to play video games occasionally and they were able to see why I loved the cooling comfort so much from the AC system. These nights, I have a hoops hoop in the driveway and play occasionally with the youngsters, then both of us do the same thing with the AC breaks and cool drinks to this morning.


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