Why didn’t I listen to my buddy a long time ago?

Something I legitimately regret is not going for energy saving help a long time ago.

A buddy of mine was trying to tell me back then about all the amazing energy saving tips she was studying, but I wasn’t all that interested. I didn’t want to learn about energy saving tips, I just wanted to live my life. So while my buddy was saving big money, I was paying way too much thanks to my ignorance. Finally, more recently, I begged my buddy if she could give me some energy saving help because my energy costs were way too high. The first thing she told me was that I needed a smart control unit. I remember him telling me this before, but I didn’t see how getting a control unit was going to help me save money. She told me that I just needed to trust him plus I would save as much as 15% on my energy costs. I thought that sounded exaggerated, but I had the smart control unit installed plus everything changed. My energy costs were lower just like she said plus she was ready to teach me more energy saving tips. She taught me about using energy efficient lighting, hanging my clothes to dry, plus grilling outdoors in the Summer as much as possible. I also l acquired to use an indoor grill which doesn’t generate a lot of heat. After following a bunch of these energy saving tips supplied by my buddy, I have been saving way more than I expected in a short phase of time. Why didn’t I listen to him long ago?