My old a/c

I found an old window air conditioning unit when I was cleaning out my garage the other day.

I could not believe I still had it after all these years.

So I decided out of curiosity to pull it out and take it into the house. I thought to myself that if I ever had my central heating and air conditioning system break down on me during the summer, if this window air conditioning unit still worked, I would have a back up method of cooling my house so I would not have to pay for emergency HVAC home service and I would not have to even think about going to a hotel. I got out my tools and went to work on preparing to install this old window air conditioning unit into my window in the living room area of my house. It took me about an hour to get it done and installed. After all that work I was hoping that it did work and that I did not just waste my time with it. I went to turn it on and it actually worked! It really worked good as new like the day I bought it and the day I stopped using it many years ago when I first got central heating and air conditioning. So I am going to leave the window air conditioning unit in my window and use it sometimes to save on energy use because it does take much less than central air conditioning. I will also have it available in the event my central heating and cooling unit goes out.

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