We basically depended on word of mouth and good reviews to get our business going

For some reason, my brother yearned to get into the HVAC industry ever since he was a youngster.

I guessed it was because he went on some house calls back in the day when our uncle was still alive, and he actually helped with fixing HVAC systems. My brother did minor stuff like air filter changes and cleaning out the HVAC equipment, but he learned a lot from our uncle. I think my brother took his death harder than anybody else, or so it seemed that way. He has since researched everything he could about heating and cooling systems. He even looked into the history of HVAC systems and told me things like how Willis Carrier was the man who invented the air conditioner and it was done sort of by accident. The man was tasked with a solution to removing excess humidity from a printing press and the machine he built did exactly that, but it also provided cooling to the work environment which was a crucial discovery! Of course, my brother got me interested in the HVAC business and we talked about starting an HVAC company together. He said we would do it in honor of our uncle, who was the ultimate professional when it came to working on heat and AC products. It honestly wasn’t easy to get the HVAC business going, since we didn’t have experience running a business. We ended up recording a video of us talking about our new HVAC company and the services we would provide. We went door to door and dropped our DVD so people could watch. Surprisingly, we got a lot of clients who liked our video and called for our home services. It was word of mouth from there on and good reviews online.

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