I help out with all kinds of things in our office building

When business slows down in the summer season around here, most of the temp staff are let go.

It’s kind of a sad thing seeing all these people only work at our building for a short period of time.

The only people who are able to stick around are the permanent staff members, but there are so few of us. Even for us, the work becomes entirely slow and we end up becoming entirely bored half the time. Finally, the company decided to give us extra work to do and they also gave us the option to go home with less pay. Well, I couldn’t afford to make less money, so I basically would do whatever extra tasks that they needed. One of the jobs that I take most of the time happens to be mowing the lawn around the property. I know, it seems weird to mow the lawn when you have an office job. Of course, I take my air conditioning breaks because it gets pretty hot outside in the summer around here. Thankfully, the air conditioning in the building is excellent. The building owners have a solid HVAC service plan through a local contractor, so they take fantastic care of the HVAC equipment. There is also a UV air purification system that works entirely well to keep good air quality in the building. I also really appreciate the fact that the UV light works to get rid of dangerous pathogens. It’s funny though, sometimes I’m even helping with HVAC maintenance like changing the HEPA filters in the HVAC system!

HEPA filter