The cooling pillows sure have helped us a lot

On top of getting my wife a fancy new diamond bracelet for our anniversary, I also decided to get some cooling pillows.

I honestly had never heard of these before, but it seemed interesting when I was reading about them.

My wife always says that we can never have enough pillows. She has a couple of body pillows that she uses regularly. The first one I got for her was to help her sleep when she was pregnant, but that pillow has stood the test of time and is still in great condition. Now these new cooling pillows we have are actually pretty amazing. I’m genuinely surprised how they keep cool for most of the night. Whenever the pillow feels a little too warm, you simply flip it over and the other side will be nice and cold for some cooling relief through the night. Before getting the cooling pillows, I used to really crank the AC system so that we would be more comfortable at night. The thing is, the cost in the energy bills was a bit too much just to sleep comfortably, so these cooling pillows have really changed the game. Most of the time, I don’t even need to crank the AC system anymore during the summer. I can simply rest easy with the cooling pillow and turn on the ceiling fan and I feel just fine. I sleep comfortably through the night and my wife talks about how nice it has been for her too. I’m sure glad I decided to get those for us, and I might get more in the future!

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