I’m still being paid for my poetry that was converted to music for HVAC commercials

A long time ago when I started working at a reputable HVAC company, I actually wrote a poem about how homeowners can easily get HVAC assistance and make their HVAC systems last and be more energy efficient. I even mentioned a few energy saving tips in the poem if you can believe that, and it was catchy! I remember some of the guys were making a big deal about my poetry piece and the owner of the HVAC company ended up hearing about it. He read the poem and he was impressed. He asked if he would be able to use my poetry in their HVAC advertisements to the community. He said of course, I would get royalty payments for using my poetry, but he wanted it to be more of a song than a poem. So we got together to make the new commercials and it turned out quite nicely with my poem being converted into a very catchy song that kind of turned into a jingle. These days, everybody around this area knows the jingle and they really love the whole song too. People say it helps them to remember to get their HVAC maintenance and services from one of the most reputable HVAC companies around. They also appreciate the energy saving tips that are mentioned, like using LED light bulbs. I am still working here to this day, and I am still getting paid percentages on the commercials that go out that use my poetry that was converted to music. Sometimes people don’t believe it when I say that I wrote the words, but my buddies are there to confirm it’s true!

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