My next door neighbor is an Heating and A/C company

When you are buying a house, a single of the things you should truly look closely at is your neighbors.

Do you ever see anyone in the neighborhood? Are people out walking their cats or pushing babies in wanderers? For the most part, I do care about to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors know each other and look out for each other.

These kinds of neighborhoods are becoming increasingly difficult to find in our country, however they do still exist. About more than one years ago, I moved into my home. Within a week, I had a couple of strange people knock on my front door to bring me numerous welcome gifts. I got a plate of cookies, and I got a plant. One of these neighbors was my next door neighbor, and when I invited him in for coffee, I made a fabulous Discovery… My next door neighbor is an Heating and A/C company! I cannot think of a more useful next door neighbor to have, unless it would happen to be a dentist. Still, I think I will get more use out of a heating and cooling specialist then I will adopt her. At least I hope so! Anyway, it pays to have neighbors who are willing to help you out with whatever skills they have. This certain neighbor happens to be fantastic at heating and cooling repair. He commanded to me that if I should ever discover my air conditioner or furnace needs repair, I should supply him a call before calling any other Heating and A/C service company. Even though he does not own the Heating and A/C company. It is their policy that they supply friends and neighbors a giant discount on Heating and A/C installation or repairing air conditioner or heaters.


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