My vacation in the tropics was amazing however the air conditioner could have been better

Many people dream of taking a vacation on a tropical island.

I would say the Caribbean and the Tropics in general are truly the most popular vacation spots in the world… Personally, I do prefer the cold weather and hot weather, so my dream vacation is absolutely somewhere where it snows a lot such as CO or maybe even Montana.

That being said, I already live in the south, so taking a vacation in the tropics is cheaper for me, last year I took such a vacation to a Tropical Paradise. It was truly amazing. The water was as clear as bathtub water, the employees at all the numerous venues treated me care about a queen, and the tropical drinks were fabulous! One thing that could have used a little help though was the air conditioner. It seemed care about everywhere I went there was unsatisfactory cooling. I do not know if there was a heating problem, in fact I am not even sure those venues would even have heaters, as I am not sure if it ever gets cold enough to need a furnace in that area. In any event, the A/C was never cold enough for my preferences. I am not sure if they saved energy by not turning their thermostats down or if they needed a little work on their Heating and A/C systems. I also think the fact that air conditioner manufacturers and air conditioner service people are much more official in our country and if you have a problem with your A/C here, you are unlikely to just let it go.The two of us have amazing A/C companys and every one of us care about them!


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