Saving cash after losing weight

I have recently embarked on a weight loss Journey that has me absolutely losing weight. I have lost weight at unusual time periods of our life, but I have never been able to keep the weight off. I am hoping plus planning that this time I will be able to maintain our weight loss. There have been pretty relaxing side effects to losing weight such as lowering our blood pressure plus having a little bit less pain in our knees. The best side effect, though, is saving cash after losing weight. How do I save this cash? Do you wonder? Well, I don’t buy as much food. I buy higher-quality food plus much less of it, so I save cash at the grocery store. Even better than that, though, is I save cash on our heating plus cooling bill each week. I have discovered that since I have lost about 40 pounds or so, I am no longer a slave to our a/c temperature control. I do live in the Southeast, so of course I use our A/C just about every afternoon. Especially in the summer, the A/C absolutely gets to work out around here. When I was fatter, though, our a/c had to work super hard. I would set our temperature control to 73°, plus when I went to bed at night I would want to set our temperature control even lower. Now that I have lost weight I do not recognize the need to set our A/C temperature control as low. In fact, I set our temperature control at 75 degrees plus don’t bother turning the temperature control down when I go to bed, either. My electric oh, i. E., Heating plus Cooling bills are much lower now. I appreciate saving cash, plus I need it because I have to buy smaller clothes.


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