Volunteering at the pet shelter allowed me to meet a new a/c guy

For quite a long time now I have been interested in finding a place to volunteer our time.

I want anywhere that speaks to our heart, plus I also want someone who needs me.

I had this in our head for a number of years, plus I tried our hand at many things. But I never absolutely found what I wanted to do until I started volunteering at the pet shelter. Because I am single, plus I have been since I got divorced 18 years ago, I also am slightly lonely plus thought the volunteer time would help with that. Never in our wildest dreams, though, did I recognize I would find the appreciate of our life by volunteering at the pet shelter. Of course, I found the appreciate of the pets, but I also found the appreciate of a fabulous man. One afternoon when I was at the shelter, the A/C went out in the office area. Of course the employees need their a/c. Without A/C going, the temperature control inside could absolutely approach 90 degrees oh, so it was discovered that the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan was malfunctioning, they hastily called an A/C specialist to make the a/c repair. When the Heating plus Air Conditioning guy arrived, I saw our heart jump out of our chest. He was the most handsome person I had ever seen, plus who does not like a guy who can repair a/c? The only thing better than that, is being able to maintenance plumbing! Anyway, one thing led to another plus the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist plus I began a romance. I never thought I would discover appreciate at the pet shelter, unless it was from a pet, but I surely did find a husband plus I also found a person who can repair the A/C when it breaks.


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