Brandy, gingerbread, plus a fireplace

Last Wintertide I discovered the beauty plus wonder of a fresh snowfall, a delicious snifter of Brandy, a bite of gingerbread, plus the warmth of a fireplace.

If you are wondering where I discovered all this amazing Beauty, it was in the Great Northwest of our country.

I decided that instead of taking a vacation where I was going to have to be sweaty all afternoon long plus seek out places where I could just soak up a/c for a while, I was going to find a place that gave amazing heating, the beauty of a crackling fireplace, plus just something unusual from what I am used to. Because I live in the Southeast, I am already accustomed to sizzling weather plus a/c. I recognize that if I go walking around town, I am going to find little shops to go into only because I want some A/C to help me get comfortable. It is scarce that I buy something in one of those little shops, because I am not there to shop, I am there to care about their a/c. Because this is what I am already used to, this is not what I wanted for our vacation. I recognize the two of us all try to go places where it is unusual from home, right? Although I do recognize someone who always goes to hot places, despite the fact that he has to turn his A/C temperature control down to about 60 to be comfortable. I recognize that’s stupid. I recognize he should go on vacation to some ski slopes or go hiking in one of the northern states. Well, that’s what I did, plus I discovered that I loved having a gas furnace hot me up when I came in from outside. I appreciate having a little glass of Brandy, especially with the gingerbread that the B&B Hostess baked herself, plus it was amazing to care about the heating plus the Ambiance of their beautiful fireplace.


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