My trip to the ski lake house was incredible

I recognize that all the people tend to go on vacation in places where it is hot.

  • Thus the term Tropical Paradise has received notoriety.

I, however, already live anywhere where it is absolutely sizzling plus humid for most of the year. In fact, here where I live, I use our a/c almost every afternoon. There might be a month or two in the Wintertide plus fall weeks where I do not recognize that a/c is necessary. Those times do not come every year, however. There have been many years when I have been blasting the A/C while cooking our Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. Because of this, I absolutely wanted to take a vacation where I don’t need a/c. I wanted a vacation where I could use the fireplace or a portable heating system or even a central furnace. That is when I started looking for magazines for trips to ski cabins. I just have to tell you, I have never been on a set of skis in our life. When I was young, it was only rich people who went skiing. Skiing was considered a rich man’s sport. So, I never did it. Nonetheless, I decided to book a vacation at a ski cabin. I had no intention of going skiing, plus I never did go skiing. I did, however, Build a Snowman outside our front window. I also tried our hand at ice skating. And I loved watching the people going skiing. What I loved more than anything else, though, was sizzling chocolate, relaxing books, plus a Charming fireplace that served as a heater. It was nice to rely on a furnace plus a fireplace for a change. I said goodbye to our A/C as I left our Southeastern home, plus I was glad to be introduced to a furnace that can heat up a ski lake house in 5 hours.


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