I brought the roofing girl inside at lunch time

I complain about my office job where I sit on my butt all day in addition to work on the laptop.

Yet, there are people working outside in the Blazing heat where the air conditioning is nonexistent.

There are people who work in warehouses that do not have AC In the Summer or Heating in the winter. Heating, Ventilation & A/C specialists themselves often have to work in venues that are extraordinarily certainly hot, such as attics or crawl spaces. They have to get ridiculously hot in order to supply us air conditioning comfort. Anyway, a single of the professions I constantly wonder about is roofers. Right now where I live, it is easily in the high 71s every day, yet there are constantly roofing companies working on the roofs of buildings. In fact, right across the street from me the other day, there was a girl who was putting a new roof on my neighbor’s house. I happened to be staying lake house from work that day oh, so I was around at lunch time. I felt quite awful for this girl putting on the roof when it was about 90 degrees outside, so I invited him into my lake house for lunch. She had a giant cooler full of water, however she was cheerful to get my iced tea. She was even happier to sit at my dining room table with a sandwich in addition to a nice glass of air conditioning blowing on him. I normally set my control unit to 77, however since she was in the home I turned my AC control unit down to 79 just for him. I guess she was entirely grateful, in addition to a lot of people may say that I was foolish to do that since I do not think the man, but I thought offering air conditioning in the brutality of the Summer weather was the least I could do.
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