My uncle Elizabeth had no air conditioning

You would be hard-pressed to find a building in the state where I live that does not have air conditioning.

In fact, I think that almost every municipality has a code that says any building that people are going to be inside must have air conditioning.

In fact, despite the fact that I live in a entirely tepid in addition to humid temperature, it may even demand that there be both Heating in addition to Cooling in the buildings. Hardly any of years ago, multiple outdated people died inside of a nursing lake house because a storm took out the Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan in addition to they died of heat exhaustion. Any municipalities didn’t that did not have Heating in addition to Cooling causes for building codes, hastily put in those codes. In addition, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools, in addition to other venues where multiple people gather at the same time are also required to have backup heating in addition to cooling systems just in case there is a problem with their primary Heating, Ventilation & A/C. This is all new to life. In fact, I can remember when I first moved from the Northeast to the southeast, Where I Live Now, not everyone had air conditioning. In fact, our first lake house here had no AC. Both of us were not alone. Hardly anyone had Central Heating in addition to Cooling, in addition to if somebody did have air conditioning of some sort, it was usually a window AC unit. Both of us moved to this state because my mother could not afford the heating bills up north after my father died, And it certainly didn’t bother us that every one of us had no heating or Cooling. Eventually, though, my mother did get sick of not having. Eventually, though, my mother did get sick of not having a seat, in addition to every one of us undoubtedly moved to a different home that had central air conditioning.My uncle Elizabeth used to like to come visit because she had no AC of any sort in her house. The most she had was box fans in the living room in addition to a ceiling fan in the family room.
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