After losing weight I can increase the thermostat setting

At the start of this year I decided that I was going to embark on my last weight loss journey.

  • I have always been overweight, and I have always wanted to lose weight, although when I was in my twenties and even my early thirties I didn’t worry about it quite so much.

At this point I have lost 41 lbs. I have been stuck here for almost a month, so I am slightly worried, but even if I keep this weight off and don’t gain any more I will be somewhat happy. This is despite the fact that I really need to lose 40 more pounds. Anyway I have discovered that one benefit of losing weight is my ability to increase the thermostat setting on my air conditioning unit. I used to set my thermostat at 72 degrees when I got home at night. I would set the thermostat higher while I was gone all day to save energy and money, but when I got home 72 what’s the thermostat setting for me. Now, I have the thermostat set at 77. I turn it to 77 if it happens to be set a couple of degrees cooler that day, and when I get home at night I simply leave my thermostat where it is. I do not find that I am overheated, and having the AC run and keep the house at 77 is perfectly fine. I always knew that being fatter meant being hotter, and I am thrilled to be saving money on my heating and cooling bill as a side benefit of losing weight.


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